The Asteroid Hackathon is complete! Check out the Update section, or read more here on the EchoUser (main event organizer) site: http://echouser.com/blog/asteroid_hackathon-2

Many thanks! Great event. Hope to see you all again. 


We're excited for you to join us for the Asteroid Hackathon on Saturday, October 25. EchoUser, in partnership with SpaceGAMBIT, Maui Makers, the Minor Planet Center, NASA, the SETI Institute, and Further by Design, is hosting an Asteroid Hackathon. The event is in response to the NASA Grand Challenge, focused on "finding all asteroid threats to human populations and knowing what to do about them."

The Challenge

Help engage astronomers, space nerds, and the general public in making our planet safer by re-imagining asteroid data.

The Details

Saturday, October 25 from 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM

The SETI Institute
189 N Bernardo Ave
Mountain View, CA 94043


Read more here, from our main host, EchoUser (UX Design Firm): http://echouser.com/blog/asteroid_hackathon-2

Register here: asteroidhackathon.eventbrite.com



Participants of all ages and backgrounds are welcome!


  • There are no requirements for the type of deliverable your team must create. It can be an app, a device, an event or experience, the list goes on...
  • All deliverables must incorporate the asteroid data set
  • You must register yourself and your team to participate here: asteroidhackathon.eventbrite.com
  • You must be present on Saturday, 10/25/2014 at the SETI Instutute with your hackathon team to participate and be eligible to win

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,500 in prizes

Grand Prize

Will be awarded to the overall winner. In addition, winning ideas will receive additional support from the Minor Planet Center to further develop their concepts.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register your team at asteroidhackathon.eventbrite.com
  2. To participate, you must attend the hackathon on Saturday, October 25 at the SETI Instititute with your team



Jose Luis Galache

Jose Luis Galache
PhD, Astronomer at Minor Planet Center

Ian Webster

Ian Webster
Asterank, Google

Felix Desroches

Felix Desroches
UX Designer at Premise

Etan Lightstone

Etan Lightstone
Director of Design - UX at New Relic, Inc.

Blair Tom

Blair Tom
Connector at Further by Design

Judging Criteria

  • Increases public awareness
  • Benefits the average global citizen and allows them to interact with the data
  • Innovative in design and development

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