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over 8 years ago

Oct 19 Hackathon Updates

1) The DATA! It's here (SQL) here (CSV), and here (JSON). Web Service API page for explanations of what each parameter represents. We encourage you and your team to dive in and get to hacking! Design, development, storyboarding, etc. Whatever you'd like to go about building before next Saturday, October 25. All is fair game.

2) NEW VENUE! The hackathon will now be taking place at the SETI Institute (189 North Bernardo Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043). All other event details remain the same.

3) Let's Chat! We've setup a Reddit subreddit for the Asteroid Hackathon called hack_space. It'll primarily be for the community to talk with one another and post related links. We'll jump in from time to time as we can to answer questions and update the sticky post. But it will be lightly moderated as we're mostly focused on next weekend!