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over 8 years ago

THANK YOU! Pics, and, of course, the winners!!!


First, THANK YOU to everyone who participated and helped organize this event. A lot of work that paid off in a great hackathon day. We all had fun hosting the event and really enjoyed the final projects.

1) The Winners!

  • Overall - Team NOVA
  • Runner-up - Team ChuDe
  • Best engagement - Team Smart Azteroids
  • Honorable mention - Team EchoSpace

2) ChallengPost

As part of the NASA contract, we need a 'permanent' online record of the event, so if you have not done so, please upload your submission (in whatever shareable way) to the Asteroid Hackathon ChallengePost site. Many thanks.

3) Pic Repository

We realized a lot of people were taking pictures. We made a shared Google Drive folder. Upload your photos! Check out the rest.